Visiting Sausalito: What to Expect Amidst Covid-19

Marin County businesses reopen and shelter-in-place regulations regarding Covov-19 are lifted, you may be considering a visit to Sausalito. It’s a decision that does not come lightly, but we wanted to assure you that Sausalito is doing their part to reduce the spread of the virus by implementing strict health and safety guidelines throughout town and the rest of the County

When and if you decide to return to Saualito, it is important to know that your typical Sausalito experience will have changed to keep all healthy and safe as possible.

To do that here a few quick guidelines to follow when wanting to chose Sausalito as your Destination:

No Symptoms Allowed

It may be obvious, but it’s important to know that if you’re showing any symptoms of sickness you will be turned away. Businesses will be checking the health of their employees daily to ensure your safety, so it’s necessary to show the same courtesy. Don’t be surprised if restaurants perform temperature checks on not only employees but sometimes guests, ask you to use hand sanitizer upon arriving, or implement other techniques for a safe environment

What to Expect at Restaurants

Reduced Occupancy

To monitor social distancing, many restaurants will be limiting the number of guests who visit and reservations may be required in advance. Limited seating, more space between tables for social distancing, and increased sanitation between diners may result in longer wait times and/or less availability, so if you want to ensure a seat at your favorite restaurant, it’s best to book in advance.

Small Groups Only

While you may be tempted to dine out with a big group right now, only small groups are allowed.

Indoor and Outdoor Dining are available now in Marin County

As of September 29th, per the new guidelines outlined by the State of California, restaurants are permitted to serve food indoor and outdoors. Indoor dining  is limited to 25% capacity.

What to Expect at Hotels

Streamlined Check-in and Check-out

Many hotels have implemented new processes to minimize person-to-person interactions, such as mobile check-in, contactless check-out, and pre-designated times for checking in and out.

Increased Sanitation of all Public Places

Hotels are going above and beyond when it comes to sanitation, including the regular disinfecting of all public spaces such as front desk counters and lobbies, elevators, door handles, public bathrooms, room keys, gym equipment, and high-touch surfaces.

Limited Use of Amenities

While you can still enjoy many great amenities, some hotel facilities may be off-limits or adjusted during your stay. It’s common for breakfast buffets to now be served as breakfast-in-bed, spa and fitness classes to be reduced in size and held outdoors only.

We recognize that Covid-19 is a serious health concern that impacts all of us. While the decision to travel to Sausalito is ultimately your choice, we are here to support you if and when you do. Stay well!